Saturday, July 21, 2012

Homemade Stuffed Pancakes!


For brunch today, my husband decided to bring iHop home to the kitchen table. I didn't complain :) We had stuffed pancakes with a side of cheesy scrambled eggs and some turkey sausage links. My pancakes were topped with strawberry pie filling from a can and his were topped with a sliced banana. My son and I opted to add chocolate chips to our pancakes as well. I'll admit this wasn't the most healthy brunch we've made, but it certainly was a delicious treat. This is a very simple recipe that can be adapted to make any type of stuffed pancake. In the recipe I included how ours were assembled and what optional ingredients were used. If you give this a try, let us know how it turned out! I hope you enjoy!

If you do not have a recipe for pancakes and would like to make them from scratch, here is a good recipe to use:

-one jug of bisquick pancake mix (or use a made from scratch pancake recipe)
-one small banana one 14 oz can of strawberry pie filling (you only use about 3 tablespoons per serving)
-one can of Duncan Hines buttercream frosting
-one bag of chocolate chips (optional)
-maple syrup (optional)

 Recipe: Make pancakes according to the directions. If you are adding chocolate chips, wait until the pancake is cooked on one side. Sprinkle in as many chocolate chips as you would like on the uncooked side after your first flip. Be sure to flip the pancake once more to ensure the chocolate chips nest inside the pancake. You can assemble the stuffed pancakes anyway you would like. I chose to use one pancake on the bottom, then spread about 2 tablespoons of cream cheese frosting on top, placed another pancake on the top of that and added about 3 tablespoons of strawberry pie filling on top. My husband's version, triple stacked: one plain pancake, 2 tablespoons cream cheese frosting, one plain pancake, 2 tablespoons of cream cheese frosting, a third pancake, 2 tablespoons of cream cheese frosting and then one sliced banana placed all over the top layer. He also used a few tablespoons of maple syrup drizzled on top for extra flavoring.

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