Monday, July 23, 2012

They say every pregnancy is different....

And I would be inclined to agree.  On Saturday night I was out shooting pool and seeing a local band with my mom and a few of her friends.  Without warning I fainted.  I was reaching for my purse across the table, all of a sudden I started falling to the right and I smacked my arm on the table on the way down and slid down a wall, then thumped onto my spine right above my butt.  OUCH.

One of the bartenders I know there called 911.  No I wasn't drinking.  It's just a fun place to go and hang out and I've been there several times.  The ambulance showed up in record time.  The EMTs checked me out and all my vital signs came back normal, but I still wanted to go to the hospital.  I was given two liters of IV fluid and was monitored for a while.  My pulse and blood pressure fluctuated a lot.  I still feel a little off today, two days later.

I followed up with my OB and he told me it's rather common during pregnancy.  My blood flow is like a river and the baby is like a reservoir off to the side and the pregnancy was an open door to that reservoir... so my blood pressure will probably remain low for quite some time.  He told me to increase my salt intake and to stay really well hydrated.  The salt will bring my blood pressure up a little bit which would help a lot.  So we'll see how this goes.  I'll be "at risk" for fainting up until 30 weeks, but he doesn't expect it to happen again now that I know some prevention measures.  I'll be 17 weeks in just a couple of days.  I see him again the 31st for the anatomy scan.  Hopefully this pregnancy won't be very eventful! With my son, I was just fine.  Didn't really have any issues at all.  This is surprising.


  1. So glad you and baby mister are okay!!

    1. Thanks! :) I'm glad we're okay too. I'm still a little weak on my feet so I'm just doing everything as slow as possible now.