Thursday, August 2, 2012

A quick summer sandwich (chicken, tomato, avocado)

Rotisserie chickens are fantastic.  I don't have to worry about making chicken in the crock pot or baking it or anything.  We use them a lot in the summer time.  The bulk of the fat is in the skin so we just peel it right off and use the rest of the meat.  Sometimes stores near you may offer different flavors like honey BBQ, Jamaican Jerk, Herbs, etc.  We normally just get a plain one that hasn't been seasoned with anything special.

My pregnancy taste buds have been begging for meat this entire time.  Chicken is my go-to protein.  I can't tell you how much chicken I've already eaten and I'm only in my 18th week ;)  Did I mention we're eating this for dinner tonight? CAN'T WAIT!

-your choice of bread (we use fresh kaiser rolls made at our store's bakery)
-1 large haas avocado
-1 large beefsteak tomato
-salt and pepper to taste

Shred your chicken or chunk it up into bite size pieces.  Slice the tomato into 1/4" slices or to your preference.  Scoop out the avocado and cut it into chunks.  TIP: create a grid in the avocado with a knife, with as many vertical lines as you can about 1/8" thick, then follow up by creating as many horizontal lines about 1/8" thick so you end up with what look like several cubes inside the avocado.  It scoops out easily with a spoon as chunks!
Spread the avocado onto the bread and season with salt and pepper to taste.  Layer several pieces of chicken on top, then place the tomato slice on top.  Enjoy!

We usually have a side of flavored rice, pasta salad with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, chips and salsa, or corn on the cob with these sandwiches.  They go with anything!

TIP: If you are going low carb, don't use a bun! It's just as delicious :)


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  1. This sounds so tasty. Thanks for sharing your recipe on our blog hop recipe swap today. I'm pleased to be following your blog :)