Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I found two amazing ideas!

I love Pinterest.  Seriously.  I just found two awesome ideas that I can do for pretty cheap!

Here's the first one:
It is a canvas painted and covered with scrapbook cutouts.  I love the flower design, but may try a design of my own and with a different background color.

This is the other one that I will probably do first.  I want to find my own frame, and either paint it or scrapbook/mod-podge it up and change out the inside picture every time the season or new event happens.  It would be gorgeous to display and fun for the kids to watch as it changes from time to time.

The crafty side of my brain is totally churning today.  I also want to take sewing and crocheting classes so now I am off to find out more about the ones offered at Joann Fabrics :)

When I get around to doing these two projects, I'll post my DIY and step by step guide so you can see how it turns out!

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