Friday, July 27, 2012

Snacks and meals for toddlers

Conrad is totally going through a growth spurt right now.  His little body must know he's turning FOUR tomorrow! <3 =]

I'm looking for some meal ideas and other snack items for him.  Here's a list of some of his favorite foods.  I want to make sure I incorporate the healthiest options for him, so if you have suggestions, please share!!

-scrambled eggs with cheese
-yogurt and a nutrigrain bar (apple cinnamon is his favorite)

As you can see, breakfast is what we struggle with the most.  He doesn't like cereal (dry or with milk) and he won't touch oatmeal or toast.  I totally need some more ideas here.

-leftovers from dinner are usually a hit
-pasta of any kind including macaroni and cheese or pesto (his two favorites)
-soups! he loves soups
-lunchables (homemade or otherwise)- he loves the crackers, meat, and cheese being separate
-grilled cheese
-shredded chicken
-peanut butter & jelly sandwich
-pizza (homemade or otherwise)

-pretty much anything we make he will eat, which I'm SO thankful for! We rarely have to cook something separate for him.  We will on the occasional night we have something spicy that we know he won't want.

-carrots (only if they are canned or steamed.  He likes them super soft)
-yogurt covered raisins
-mashed potatoes
-CHEESE *his absolute favorite*

We can normally find a way to give him a well balanced meal.  I just wish there was more variety.  He is entirely too picky.  We've tried re-introducing foods he did not like in the past and he continually will not eat them.  It's tough on a super tight budget.  We can't afford to waste food at all right now.  Vegetables are the hardest.  Thankfully he will eat them when they are in soup.  We have soup quite often for lunch.  I'm totally running out of ideas recently.  I want to introduce new things and make them staples.  Any ideas?


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