Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Hair Dare: 365 days of no cutting, dying, or styling

I really miss having long hair.  After I had Conrad, my hair got super brittle and thinned out a LOT.  I'm still having breakage issues.  I recently had my hair trimmed and dyed (highlighted) May 1st, right before our wedding.  (That reminds me, I should make a post with our wedding photos!)

From today forward I will no longer be styling my hair with any products, or using heat.  I am going to buy a wide tooth comb and use it instead of a brush.  My hair will air dry and I will take monthly pictures to monitor my progress.  I am taking a pre-natal vitamin, but will take a different vitamin for hair skin and nails after baby boy arrives.

I'm curious to see how my hair will behave while pregnant! It's worth a shot.  If I have to do this twice, I totally will.  I will update with a picture later today!

My 365 day challenge begins.... NOW.

Start: July 26, 2012
End: July 26, 2013

-Deep condition only 1x a week
-Wash hair a maximum of 3x a week
-No hair styling products
-No heat styling
-Use a wide tooth comb to untangle hair
-No dying
-No new hair styles, trims only every 3-4 months
-Update with a picture once a month

I will try to get a better picture in the next few days.  All I have is my iphone right now until I can find a memory card for my good camera.  But as you can see, it is dry, the color is faded, it's very brittle and is super wavy.


  1. Wow, that probably will be really great for your hair health! I couldn't do that even though my hair is very damaged...I never leave the house without straightening's such a mess otherwise! Congrats to you, I'm sure it'll make life a lot easier as well!!


    1. Thanks! I'm just about to upload a picture. As long as I can pull it back in a messy bun or use butterfly clips, I think I can manage it. I used to straighten my hair daily and dye it every 2-3 months. I haven't seen my natural hair color in quite some time. It's super dry, brittle, and could use a lot of help.