Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The ultrasound went really well! Here's the video


It's not the best quality and I apologize.  I used my iphone and the room was pitch black so I would've blinded my OB with the flash hahaha.  It had trouble focusing.  But at the 5:30 mark you can see him moving his mouth a whole bunch and toward the end you can see it's definitely a boy in the lower left corner, head up in the right side.

Everything is going really well.  He's moving like crazy and seems pretty happy in there! We're estimating anywhere between Dec. 23rd-Jan. 8th.  My official due date is January 3rd.  There's isn't enough of a difference to change my due date so we're leaving it as is.  I prefer kind of having a range rather than a specific date, so that was nice.

Definitely still a boy! I'm wondering what life is going to be like with two boys :) I really hope Conrad adjusts well.

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