Monday, July 30, 2012

Ultrasound tomorrow :) 18 weeks!

I have the anatomy scan tomorrow morning at 9am.  I'm just a few days shy of 18 weeks.  We were able to go to a keepsake ultrasound place nearby and we found out the gender (It's a BOY!) right before I was 15 weeks :)  I'm so excited to see how much he has grown!

When I had my last ultrasound, the baby was measuring on the big side which may change my due date.  I'm currently due January 3rd but his measurements were putting him closer to December 31st.  Regardless, this will certainly be an eventful holiday season.  Ohio has some rough snow storms.  We're crossing our fingers for a mild winter and for an easy labor and delivery, too of course.

With Conrad, we had a larger living room and we were able to have a swing and a pack n play in one area.  This time around, our living room is much smaller.  We're thinking about just having the swing in the living room and using a bassinet in our bedroom for a few months.  Conrad's bed is his original crib that we converted to a daybed.  We're going to get him a larger toddler bed and convert the crib back again and move it into our bedroom.  This time we have larger bedrooms which is nice.  We plan on having our little one room with us until he's sleeping through the night, then we may have them int he same room together.  We know the bassinet will only be for about 2-3 months so the plan is to get the new toddler bed for Christmas.  Conrad will be 4 and a half :)

He's starting to kiss my belly now and talk to the baby.  It's incredibly cute.  We're all getting really excited.  Things are going to pick up around here soon.  Tom's new promotion involves a few schedule changes in August and I'm waiting to see if I'm accepted to a few different schools to finish my bachelor's degree.  Lots and lots of exciting things :)


  1. So exciting girl can not wait to hear what happens!!!

  2. A boy! How exciting! Congratulations!